Properties In Poor Condition Or Poor Location – Refurbishment

If the property is in poor condition or in a less desirable area and you need to access the equity within as quickly as possible, we can help. The traditional sales process could mean you sitting around for months, or even years before you complete a sale however we will link you to an offer for your property no matter what the condition or location, therefore providing you with a quick sale solution to selling your property.

Properties are purchased in any condition and in any location.

Our no fees solution ensures we meet your needs to selling your home quickly with an offer made to you for your property within 48 hours.
You incur no estate agency fees, no valuation fees and no legal fees with a stress free guaranteed property sale if you accept the offer for your property.
Offers take account of current local valuation and may be up to 75% of the value of the property.

Assertive Property