Selling an Inherited Property

We’ve all dreamed of having a long lost uncle leave us a huge inheritance. However, usually when someone gets an inheritance it is not by a random long lost relative; it is from a close loved one.

Often an inherited property has to be sold before the benefactors can get any value out of the property. Selling an inherited property can be a daunting task.
There is hope! If you are selling an inherited property, a quick cash sale can make that process much easier in many ways.

The first reason to go for a quick cash sale lies in the repairs that the property may need before it can be sold on the market. If you are selling an inherited property, the property was probably lived in for a long time and is now run down and in need of modernising. The house may be in need of expensive repairs that you will have to pay for. Even worse, you may not live anywhere near your inherited property and could end up hiring untrustworthy builders who could take advantage of your being far away. Additionally, if you are selling an inherited property that was passed down to multiple heirs, the repairs could significantly cut down everyone’s profit on the property sale.

The second reason to opt for a quick cash sale might be more appropriate when some of the heirs need the money more desperately than others. Selling an inherited property through a traditional estate agent can take several months, even up to a year! A house listed on the market will have to be discounted several times before it is sold. Then, when the property is eventually sold, you will have to pay for the estate agent’s fees and any mortgage payments outstanding.

Finally, a good reason to opt for a quick cash sale is to avoid vandalism. Remember what happened to abandoned properties in your childhood’s neighbourhood? Chances are a lot of local kids vandalized those properties. You are just selling an inherited property; you don’t want to also deal with vandals.
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